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As a sculptor Jon saw a need to bridge the gap between philanthropy and the arts. He began with a hands-on, nine month project at Baylor's Our Children's House, overseeing the design and installation of over 200 running feet of murals recreating the history of flight. Also created were moving balloons and an aluminum and wood twenty-two foot zeppelin with 10 moving characters. This was to be used as a distraction for children undergoing physical therapy, and the effects were absolutely magical.

Jon began studying the work of Dr Roger Ulrich who, through evidence-based research, has quantified the healing effects of gardens and art in public (particularly health care) settings. Jon noticed a disconnect between the needs of the staff, patients, donors and foundations that he believed could be remedied to the benefit of all.

The goal was to bring the needs of these diverse groups together and provide unique, thoughtful and wondrous spaces full of art and natural healing elements. As Dr. Ulrich has demonstrated, appropriate art and well designed gardens can immediately reduce blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and even reduce staff turnover in a hospital environment. We are now committed to creating healing spaces by developing fundraising projects centered on appropriate art.

Jon Jon
Jon Wayne

Jon owned and operated The Wayne Companies, an automotive parts company for over 20 years. Over this time Jon gained the knowledge needed to pursue exciting new business opportunities. In 1992 Jon started Highgate Products, Inc., the creators of the 'temporary tattoo'. Jon expanded the product line through licensing deals offering temporary tattoos of NFL, Major League Hockey, and Major League Baseball team logos, as well as Looney Tunes, Harley-Davidson and major motion picture licensed characters. Jon's strong business skills named him Entrepreneur of the year and recognition in Forbes Magazine.

To fulfill his curiosity and need to be involved Jon became Chairman of the Dallas County Sheriff Department's Academy Advisory Board. Jon has also been very active within Wayne Family Foundation donating both his time and energy to many charitable foundations here in Dallas. Jon and the Wayne Family Foundation have been recognized by Baylor Hospital for their donation of the Baylor Flame atop the new Emergency Department, the Interfaith Garden of Prayer and their involvement in the Palliative Care program.

Jon is currently the President of BEW Management, where he manages and develops real estate holdings. In the fall of 2007, Jon formed Wayne Design Group, to pursue projects on a larger scale.

Jon's Email: jon@waynedesigngroup.com